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A young man passing away due to cancer sat in a circle among men in my home; he told us, "We are spirit-beings in a carnal journey." I see that Our Spirit, whether you believe in evolution or creation, is homing. We are all looking for that 'special place' to rest, to believe, to love and to feel accepted. We all long for freedom so we can spread our wings and soar. We all home and nest to rest our weary souls, our tattered bodies in a place full of hate.

When people come to our Mechica TemesCali-Prayer Lodge, I say to them, "Welcome Home!" And, I see, in their faces, a sense of appreciation that increases the value of us all.

What is a guestbook...? I last saw one a week ago at a funeral. I think I remember guestbooks at happier times such as weddings. My granddaughter just finished telling me that she has never seen one at a funeral, but remembers them at birthdays, weddings, baby showers, etc. I needed to say that much about this because on my webpage, guess what pops up; this guest book! I did not want to guess what it is about, so I needed to say that all three of my books, like the three book-mauscripts that my mother left me, are exactly like "guest-books," inviting you in to the deepest part of our humanity.

 I want my children to dream in Wiyot
Sing in Yana, laugh in Pomo and love in Modoc.
Who is threatened by this?
Who would war against our humanity and legislate hate?
I want to raise my children too ...
Dance with stars, sing with the moon, grow with the flowers and laugh with the sun.
Who is threatened by this?
Who would war against our humanity and legislate hate?
I want my Grandchildren to see in Nahuatl,
Recognize and love Grandmother’s face …
Play in Yani … with the Great-Grandchildren of Ishi.
I want their children to Dream in Maidu,
See in Chumaz, Believe in Ohlone and walk in Mexica.
Who would be threatened by this?
Who ARE warring against our humanity and legislating hate.
Who muddies my children’s waters,
Poisons their dreams, flattens their gardens,
Makes sport of their names, makes industry of their customs, cuts them from their roots,
Confuses their hearts, uses them as cannon fodder
To war and steal from other nations?
Who would minimize the value of my children
and make expendable their future?
What drives AmeriCaCa to hurt my children, hate them and divide our Nation?
I want to Dream in Wiyot, sing in Yaqui, Laugh in Taraumara, love and walk in Mexica.
Who is threatened by this, wars against my children and legislates hate?
AmeriCaCa does this!
Ticaque tlatoa tlacotla, Ometeotl Tata Nequi patli teti, Tetonehaloyan
I stand to speak, to love Creator Grandfather,
I ask for strong medicine in this place of pain.

-Pactoc, it is well, Samuelin, 1999

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Rolando Goubaud Reyna said:   June 3, 2013 8:55 pm PST
Many blessings to you and your familia, you continue to inspire and amaze me, I am honored to have find you in my journey Rolando said:   June 1, 2013 12:49 pm PST
This is enlightening/!

Jorge Gabriel Martinez Feliciano said:   June 1, 2013 11:49 am PST
This is a very impressive display of love and positive vibraciones to counteract and eradicate this legacy of hatred and violence. I have much respect for you and your wisdom.

Cristina Mariscal said:   May 31, 2013 1:06 pm PST
Animo tio! en cada paso que tomas. Te queremos mucho. The Mariscal Clan

Ron San Miguel said:   May 31, 2013 10:34 am PST
FELICIDADES! I will buy your books and read them...

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