Quien Soy Yo;  I Am The Man My Mother Wanted Me To Be...

"Dime Con Quien Andas y te Dirde Quien Eres"
Tell Me Who You Walk With and I'll Tell You Who You Are.

The Indian Wars were still exploding in the living room of my childhood.  Since 1492 there are Two World Views with irreconcilable differences in mortal combat, our Indian Dream of native Unconditional Love vs. the Unconditional Profit driven Corporate American Empire.

I am Spilling the Beans, an indictment - Corporate America killed my mother!

The questions raised and answered with this book are first and foremost, Can you feel me?  Can you then believe I will establish the standard of law that 'beyond a reasonable doubt' Corporate America is guilty of mass murder!   Will you then agree, Corporate America is getting away with murder, making-a-killing? 

I will reference fifty two sources to base the evidence on indisputable facts of life; with the hope of eliminating what may impede you from feeling my enraged-grief and undying-love for my mother.  With the love and hope that you may then raise a voice indicting Corporate Americans for abetting and aiding mass murder; demanding with US a Redemptive Justice. You may then join an international movement of Indigenous Survivors trying to shelter, feed, clothe, educate, heal and protect our children and their play grounds, Tlalli - Earth Mother. 

My mother was an American Holocaust Survivor and America exploited her, oppressed her, distressed her, impoverished her, saturated her with corporate toxic waste that filled her body with cancer and suffocated her heart.  None of her suffering was 'normal' but a corporate design with premeditated intent; There is a smoking-corporate-gun and you are the jury in this court of Human Law vs. Corporate out-laws.  Corporate America had to kill the native bodies and spirits of mothers protecting native children from Corporate Americans carrying out the campaign to "Kill the Indian ..."  This intent is written in congressional records later disguised religiously with other words like 'assimilate' 'educate' or  'Americanize.'

America may never understand why I could not succumb so easily to their effort to Americanize me; without taking the time to understand me, made their efforts retarded so that is how they treated me.  The wedge they drove between my mother and me pushed me to the edge ... of,

I will describe Corporate America's methods to “Kill the Indian...” in me from the perception of 'Crimes Against Humanity' by establishing America used methods of torture. I will compare the strong correlation between the CIA Training Manual on torture and the methods used to Kill the Indian in me, so you may then consider, America is either what America claims to be or they have lied to you, about me. 

Because this is such a heart wrenching fact for some to believe I will provide some information that may help you consider the importance of a fully informed indictment with historical and forensic evidence that your Uncle Sam is a socio-pathic serial killer. So you may believe me I will review America’s history from the diagnostic criteria of a developing socio-path that can kill without mercy.  This may explain why America feels no empathy for people harmed in its obsessive compulsive insatiable quest for more and more profit.

With historical examples to learn from and a raised awareness of the pathology of addiction and violence you may consider the American history you were not taught and then decide what is the truth. I will dissect economic systems used religiously so that you may also choose what economic systems and governing body embraces a historical struggle of mothers and fathers trying to feed, shelter, clothe, protect, doctor and teach their children.

You may then see, I have experienced a relationship with a sociopathic killer telling me all the punishment was ‘for my own good’ 'cuz becoming an American brought salvation to my native soul.   What socio-pathic arrogant delusional grandiosity!

 This is the village where I was born; my mother describes how all of our relatives helped build our home and right behind it i played in a little river, and walked with her into those lomas collecting her medicine plants and listening to her stories about the grandmothers who taught her our Medicine Ways.

I now call this my Traditional Healing Praxis, Native Unconditional Love surrounded by hundreds of years of Hate-crimes against our humanity:

Warm loving experiences are now permanently fused to explosive ugly hateful premeditated startling intrusive insults, burning an imprint in this native mind.  They are so glued together in the mind, heart and soul of this native child that  I cannot think of my native experience without having to consider the many ways America tried to drive an ugly wedge between my mother and I in order to "Kill the Indian [in me to] save the child."  I cannot think of one without a guarded awareness of the other.  This conflicting intrusion surrounded me and my mother - trying to heal me over and over,

I was recently ministering a healing remedy to my great granddaughter, helping her catch her native breath and at the same time having to triage all the possible ways her breath was taken away, leaving her insecure and afraid of too many situations.   I could not help but think about what America did to my childhood, and all that we have to protect her from.  One is connected to the other too, when one native generation is taking care of the next three.

It has been like that for me and not possible to write this any other way.  To write any other way, so as not to move the reader out of a comfort-zone, would not give justice to how I survived Two opposing World Views with irreconcilable differences exploding in the living rooms of my childhood.  Our Unconditional Native Love has been under severe attack by the Unconditional Profit .  Can we really talk about one without reflecting on the impact the other has had on US?  I thought that would be a mistake, so I did not.

May I invite you to consider our Traditional Healing Praxis is our Indian Dream and both have everything to do with Native Love for our children, providing them with shelter, food, education, medicine and protection.