Syllabus Curriculum

My Bio-Historical Statement of Purpose:

 Samuel (Samuelin) MarTinez LCSW
    I am a Social Justice Healer offering a Traditional Healing Praxis to heal from an American Holocaust, that has caused Post Generational Traumatic Oppression.  When triaged from an historical perspective our diagnostic lens is better informed and we move from a narrow focus on symptoms DisLOCAdos- uprooted, to Dislocados a historical context that re-roots us, by Re-membering who we really are.

    This perspective emerges from my experiences as an LCSW and the son of an American Holocaust Survivor.  My mother was our Medicine Woman and Oral Historian, who rooted me to 40,000 years of innate-ive resiliency; to this I have integrated the best from 511 years of psychiatric and social work history.  For thirty eight years I have progressively refined this approach, utilizing the best from both, I provided therapy to a population that went un-served  prior to 1973. This concentrated effort affords me the opportunity to provide students with the evidence based on thirty eight years of a consecrated progressive effort to provide the best service possible to a population that deserves our best.

I offer a best practice approach that has integrated my mother's traditions with that of Paulo Freire's Pedogogy of the Oppressed; Innate Resiliency Research, Factors of Change research and La Cultura Cura.- Culture Heals. The Culture Heals work comes from Dra. Concha Saucedos co-founder of Insituto Familiar in San Francisco and Dr. Ricardo Carrillo co-founder of National Compadres Network, an Indigenous Healing applied to Domestic Violence.

    I must express gratitude to Women who have historically raised a voice protesting Violent Crimes Against Our Humanity.  Since four years old my mother taught me how to lift such a voice of hope, love and resiliency, trying to understand man’s violence and addiction, as a witness of two conflicting world views exploding in the living room of my childhood.  My father became Americanized in America’s second war with the world and my mother retained our Indigenous culture.  I am the man she wanted me to be, offering healing remedies, like our children depend on us.

    I am the Great grandfather of one, a Grandfather of nine, a Father of six, a Brother of nine, an Uncle of too many to count and a Partner to one.  For all my relations I have joined my mother’s voice of protest and have added: An Anti-war Activist since 1968, a poetic-voice in our Human Rights struggle for 45 years, a Psychiatric Social-Justice Worker with La Clinica de La Raza for 38 years, a member of National Compadres Network for 24 years, a Sweat Lodge TemesCalli Care-taker for 16 years, a Prayer-Dance Warrior - Mitotiani with the Palabra Cuahtonal - Danza Azteca for 12 years and a Sun Dancer for 8 years.

Learning from Experience Objectives,
I give my word that students may:

1.    Draw from your own childhood, an experiential framework for Traditional Healing;  Exploring your Historical Roots may provide an appreciation for an AncesTree and Traditional Family Remedies used to heal.

2.    Experience an Integrated Traditional Healing Praxis, rooting you to 40,000 years of innate resiliency; combined with Paulo Freire - The Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Innate Resiliency Research, Factors of Change in therapy research and La Cultura Cura - A Culture that Heals.

3.    Appreciate an integrated approach that is done 'Without Boarders' therefore increases your Cross Cultural Response-Ability.

4.    Apply Turtle Medicine to slow down and appreciate the above in areas that use to make you feel stuck.

5.    Eliminate the inherent arrogance in our field that leaves us thinking we should know it all - do it all, and therefore feel inadequate when we don’t.

6.    Experience the Sounds of Healing, Healing Energy, Healing Smells, Healing Waters, Medicine Stories and Medicine Songs; that can help you sleep better, increase your self esteem, reduce your performance anxiety in graduate school and heal from any childhood intrusive recollections of traumatic events.

7.    Increase you Response-Ability to The Title of their Book, exploring the Table of Context; instead of feeling inadequate when someone tells you, “I don’t belong here, I wanna leave!”

8.    Explore the two conflicting world views of Unconditional Love and Unconditional Profit  identifying the impact this had on you; learning how to protect your neurons from association conditioning.

9.     Identify historical milestones of cultural incompetence that may impede you, then consider historical milestones of Cultural Response-ability and why we need Social Justice Healers

I must ask students,
    How many students would want to research their own family roots, identifying Traditional Family Healing Praxis used in their own childhood that may be able to trace back several generations to their own AncesTree and how to heal from disturbing recollections that may come up in the process?

How many students want to experience a Traditional Healing Praxis that helps them sleep better, feel better about their sacrifice becoming a Social Worker, be less anxious and more assertive, with stronger self-esteem, grounded to their own Indigenous roots - even in Europe?  

    How many students want to be more connected to the four sacred elements, from which all life began, in their own bodies; and become knowledgeable about how to retain a balance with their own fire, water, earth and breath?  

    How many students want to experience a class project in a Mechica TemesCalli - Prayer/Sweat Lodge Ceremony, and then write a term paper, reflecting on their experiences with Traditional Healing and how people are healing from Generational Post Traumatic Oppression? 

How many students want to experience one of 18 annual Mechica Ceremonies and 'discover' they are not folkloric entertainment but a living reflection of a very active Mayan-Azteca Calendar, and experience how prayer-dances to a ceremonial drum actually provides Bilateral Brain Stimulation used to help heal trauma?  
    How many students would want to experience, in class, an actual prayer-dance that is thousands of years old and then write a short paper on how this helps heal from trauma?
How many would want to experience 'Drumming Circle' techniques researched regarding the grounding treatment for groups of service providers,  youth, community, parents with children and individuals?

    How many want to experience the basic tenets of major therapeutic approaches, found in the above Traditional Healing Praxis and be able to write a short paper on how you experienced them?

As a professor of Traditional Healing Praxis and an LCSW I am in a unique position to offer all this experiential knowledge and more,

My Syllabus

    Being the son of an American Holocaust Survivor, offers you a connection to 40,000 years of Indigenous self-reliance that suffered severe challenges these past 511 years.  She taught me how to triage the entire living experience of people suffering from post traumatic oppression that issued from Indian Wars.  She kept US rooted, and my inheritance has been how to continue her Traditions and pass them on to my All My Relations, like our lives depend on US Re-membering. 

    In 1972 the Mission of The School of Social Work was integrated into our Human Rights Struggle; fulfilling the Visions of both.  The school embraced the vision of two Raza students who needed to do an internship.  In order to respond to the need of an un-served Raza population, they had to create A Community Mental Health Clinic, they called it in Spanish.  They literally implemented in my community the mission of the school.  This began a forty year collaboration between the University and our community through the ongoing Internship Program and the employment of many graduates.

They embraced the commitment to "transform the systems ..." of care by becoming "... effective leaders and scholars committed to solving complex social problems ..."  We have since been "... Preparing the next generation of culturally-competent social workers, researchers and teachers dedicated to serving the most vulnerable members of our society ... utilizing research to improve social service delivery..."  Each consecutive year we have continued to "Train social workers... Create a spirit of critical inquiry ... use of tested knowledge and theory in ...  intervention methods ... Prepare students for professional responsibility... Educate students from groups that historically have been underrepresented in university... recognizing the worth, uniqueness, and dignity of all ... respecting cultural diversity ... especially the disadvantaged and the underserved."

    My Traditional Healing Praxis began with my own healing and was consecrated in 1974 when I embraced the mission of the School of Social Work. I was hired as a Human Rights Organizer - Anti-War Activist to help create the first  Community Mental Health Education Prevention - Early Intervention Program.  I was an Apprentice to those who returned to our community from the Universities and shared what they learned that was useful to our common efforts to heal. Healing from Oppression has been Liberating.

    I embraced the early Razalogia [Studying the Raza experience} teachings to develop cultural strength based treatment strategies.  Then in 1977 after I met for three days with Paulo Freire I began to design interventions based on his Pedogogy of the Oppressed and the related understanding of Praxis- how one progressively learns from practice.  I then integrated in the 1980s the growing understanding coined by Dra. Concha Saucedos, La Cultura Cura; from our Culture comes our Healing.  During this same time I integrated the works of Dr. Tato's Trauma Recovery, Elaine  Hill's work in Child Abuse and Dr. Ricardo Carrillo's use of an Indigenous Perspective in stopping family violence.  In 1989 I met an old man in East Palo Alto who informed me of the beginning of Innate Resiliency research studies that I have progressively integrated into my approach to provide the best practice possible.  For the past decade I have focused my work on the research findings on Factors of Change found in all effective approaches.  After thirty eight years of a consistent effort to provide the best for a population that deserves our best, I more recently began a diagnostic criteria and treatment for Dislocados-Uprooted & Disconnected; the historical context of current symptoms of a people who are Survivors of Generational Post Traumatic Oppression.  

    I offer you what has worked for our survival and healing; the fruits of this 40 years of Consecrated and Concentrated progressive effort to create our best response for American Holocaust Survivors.

In my own healing-recovery, I realized my mother taught me the basics to very ancient and yet very present Mechica Traditions-teachings, as I began to study In Lak Ech, the reciprocal interdependence of all living beings as related to Ollin the cellular-molecular or electro-magnetic movement in all.  I then realized my mother was like an Ancient Ecologist trying to save a rain forest of tender trees uprooted and left to die in an AmeriCanned city desert that was never children friendly.  I was one of those trees that she would re-root into our soil-of-life, her native love.  She loved being Indian and talked about the grandmothers with this native love they gave her - she gave me an unconditional native love, surrounded by hate-crimes.  

Learning Agreements:

1. You may literally experience how every traditional healing remedy that my mother prepared and ministered to me came with lessons of; self-care anatomy, botany, biology, ecology, native relations and history.  Each of her remedies may provide you also a grounding experience with All My Relations.  What made me a historical person, may also root you to thousands of years that informs me, because I Re-member too .... ....

2. You may then experience that Traditional Healing Praxis is established from a history of learning from practice – to know what works.  Praxis, taught by Paulo Freire, is a process that embraces our life time effort of practicing what we pre/teach; like our lives depend on making our intention mas clear, mas better, therefore mas perfect – progressively.  We then put in some more practice, with the intention of learning more from and improving upon what we practice. We can then honestly ‘Walk-our-Talk.’

This is no different than any so called ‘western medicine’ that is promoted as ‘evidence based’ because of its class privilege and related ‘laboratory tests’ supposedly proving the validity of a Corporate AmeriCanned practice.  But learning from our oppressive experience we may see that this AmeriCanned practice lacks the forty thousand years of Praxis our Traditional Healing benefits from; making our healing practice mas perfect, making mas sense to US.   
3. You may experience with Traditional Healing we must also re-member; memory in terms of membership or reestablishing a relationship that has been fragmented; thus our healing process re-roots people who have been uprooted by Corporate America.  My native roots, from a history of native self-determination, were watered with each traditional healing remedy my mother ministered to me; this may be helpful to you too.

4.  You may experience that Huatacame - Native Unconditional Love Is, the foundation of our Traditional Healing Praxis; Loving a native child surround by AmeriCanned hate crimes that made me sick, required the medicine of maternal love.  This also came with warnings that may benefit you too.  I was instructed to learn the Americano ways but not to become “mal educado” like Corporat- Americanos.  She made sure I was not ‘badly educated’ by providing profound instructions of how to enter All My Relationships “Con Permiso y Respecto.”

5. You may experience, To Find Our Way Home we are given a Traditional healing Praxis; like a compass, map or a loving letter from ancient relatives that miss US.  So with  your permission and respect for your own knowledge, I may invite you to consider two things our ancestors left for US to guide our Traditional Healing Praxis:                              

a. Each generation has been given In Tlauilli - In Ocotl,  In Machiotl, In Coaoca Texcatl  Mixpa Nicmana , a Light a Torch - an Example a Measuring Stick and a Great Mirror; to find our way home.
b. In this way we may fulfill that prophesy; Occepa iuhcan yez, occepa iuh tlamaniz in iquin, in canin - 'Once again it shall be, once again it shall exist, sometime, somewhere what existed long ago, will exist again'

6. We must reflect Honestly on our work to provide the best praxis possible: Honestly is emphasized, not just because this was a basic tenet of my mother’s teachings, but to recognize how difficult this is when the learning process has been saturated by exploitive and oppressive conditions, filled with conning deceit, made out to look honest but the basic intention is to manufacture consent. Paulo Freire and my mother acknowledged this oppressive history and focused on how we learn under oppressive conditions to be as honest as we can.  

    An honest reflection on how much that oppression has influenced us is difficult and at least recognizing this difficulty with an honest heart has helped me.  I have to stress this because in America we have been over exposed to ‘not learning from history and repeating mistakes.’  Instead the Neuron Association Conditioning has been used to experience blind patriotism at the sound of American History in order to pledge allegiance to the flag.  This has been saturated with N.A.C. degrading Native Americans to justify children illustrations of manifest destiny and God Blessing America with the burden of saving the world; all necessary for Corporate America to 'make a killing' and call it American History - laundering stolen money with "In God we Thrust" engrained in our brain; Yes I misspelled it with purpose.

7. Traditional healing therefore is not so complicated nor so far removed from US as we were led to believe by Corporate American class-privileged best practice miedra - feces spread across our ancient lands. Driving a corporate - military wedges between US and all of our historical traditions - resiliency.  This has been America’s intention, not healing nor educating US.  America’s healing practice has been more like doctoring a work-horse in order to exploit the labor for profit.  What 'best-practice' can come from corporations running health care?  I am amazed that some do.

    Yes, you may have noticed too, it is not possible to talk about our Traditional Healing without talking about what has become our severest challenge. Healing from what America has done to a parent trying to shelter, clothe, feed, teach, protect and love a native child – the way we have for forty thousand years before America invented itself by first invading US.

8. It can be apparent that Traditional Healing begins naturally when a parent triages the need of a native child and prepares a remedy to cure what has sickened that child.  It can also be apparent that a parent healing a native child was a threat to Corporate America’s self-deception of divinity – trying to control our native healing process, so America could profit from Indian Wars.  Yes, America has profited from making US sick and preventing our healing, and our self-reliance.

    It was apparent that a parent raising a native child was a threat to Corporate America who passed legislation to remove native children from native parents to be schooled and indoctrinated religiously by churches who made contracts with The War Department; driving a military wedge between a parent and child.  This also happened to me in Oakland Housing Projects Public School and Oakland churches.

9. Consider with me how America stigmatized and even outlawed traditional healing as “witch craft” “voodoo medicine” “black magic” and degraded our efforts to heal in movies and Americanned history books.  America even replaced Parteras - Women delivering babies with white men graduating from white 'men only' medical schools.  They even had “Witch Hunts” and burnt alive, in public view, their own white Women Healers.

Vision Statement:

    Our Healing is Liberating because we move from DisLOCAdos To Dislocados, then Locados; with our AncesTree Cut-down we became the Uprooted, Relocated and Disconnected, suffering from Generational Post-Traumatic Oppression, and now we Re-member who we really are.  We are the Survivors of the American Holocaust and our Traditional Healing Praxis is now protected by a Human Rights Struggle that forced Corporate America to allow a Freedom of Religion Act.  We must heal, like the lives of our children depend on US.

    Since 1492 two world views with irreconcilable differences in mortal conflict; Our Traditional Healing Praxis of Unconditional Native Love vs. Corporate AmeriCanned Unconditional Profit.
    My triaging from a historical context reveals a diagnosis that AmeriCaCa es Contagioso; is Contagious because it has invaded US, like a virus invades the human brain.  Corporate America is Conditioning our neurons to associate its CaCa with divinity, through Conning deceit.  This is Contagious because each generation of children learns from what they see and hear the AmeriConned do and say. 

The symptoms of this virus are; class envy, greed, egotistic narcissistic obsession with the accumulation of more and more, while looking down on native features.  This virus may cause one to replicate this in our lives, manifested as internalized oppression and related blind-patriotism, preserving Corporate America, at a great cost to our children; their water, air, land and earth are contaminated.  We must heal from this American Holocaust, like their lives depend on US.  

Prayer-talk that teaches - explores the following

1. Welcome Home, Our Ancestors left for us to Re-member.
[Weeks one and two]

In tlauilli, In ocotl, In machiotl, In coaoca texcatl, Mixpa nicmana
We leave for you A light, A torch, An example, A measuring stick, A great mirror

2. Traditional Healing Praxis, entering relationships  as Social Justice Workers,
[Weeks three - six]:

-A Reciprocal Inter-dependence;
-Dicho Therapy, No seas mal educado; un dano a uno es un dano a todos
-Lo Siento - I Feel You; a Cultural Response-ability, an Indigenous Tradition

2. Begin in the Beginning, [Weeks seven - nine]

-Unconditional Love - Huatacame provides humanity with Inhuitli Inyolotl- heart & face
-Protecting Mirror Neurons from subliminal messages - Neuron Association Conditioning
-Self Reliance 40,000 years interrupted 1492, 1521, 1776, 1890, 1950, 2013
-Early America and Mother England, a Socio-path Narcissistic relationship- no attachment
-The pathology of addiction emerged with The Land-rush, Gold-rush; like a Coke-rush.             -Corporate  America went global on an Oil-rush
-Cultural Incompetency, is an American Tradition

3. Two World Views [Weeks ten - eleven]:

-Irreconcilable differences; Unconditional Love vs. Unconditional Profits
-Human Rights Struggles & La Clinica de La Raza - Health Care for the People
-Vicarious Trauma, Eagle & Butterfly medicine for Inxoxtli Incuicatl - The Flower Song 'Zone'
-What can I learn in school to add to my Praxis?

4. The Class-room Delusional Grandiosity by design [Weeks twelve on]

-Self-preservation of the Class; Degrading others, an obsession with lines
-I Pledge Allegiance to … one nation under God?
-Warnings: Do not envy nor choose the Ways of Corporate Ixnex, Wasichu or Missionaries.
-Obstacles to being Social Justice Workers, Healing from the American Holocaust.